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Before I hired an air duct cleaning company, I did my research. I wanted to hire a reputable firm to avoid the horror stories witnessed on television a few years ago. I went to “Angie’s List” to help me find “Fresh Air” of San Antonio. They not only met my expectations – they exceeded them. They cleaned the interior ductwork surfaces and made sure the return and supply sides were free of debris; they removed, cleaned and reset registers, grilles and diffusers; they accessed and cleaned supply and return air plenum; they removed, cleaned and reinstalled the blower motor, housing and assembly; they even pointed a flashlight into the cooling coil to see if light shined through it. In other words, they didn’t just sweep the ducts – they addressed the components over which air passes, including coils and the central system. I am very satisfied with the work, and their price was fair and competitive. I highly recommend “Fresh Air”.
They didn’t just sweep the ducts – they addressed the components over which air passes. Very professional people!

Anne Terrell

They cleaned all of my home’s air ducts as well as my air conditioner’s blower. They also performed and EPA sanitization and replaced a vent.
Everything was great! Chris had been to my house prior to my purchase of the Big Deal and demonstrated why the air ducts needed to be cleaned. The two men who came to do the work, Anthony and Raymond, both did quality and thorough jobs, and I appreciated that they showed me the results of the cleaning. Ultimately, they did a great job, and I would recommend them to others.

Arlene Dryer

Fresh Air contracted to clean air ducts and vent covers.
The provider arrived on time. They dropped covers on all areas that might catch excess dust from the cleaning process. The proceeded to remove all covers and clean them. Within about one hour they were done with the cleaning. Wonderful! (My house is only approx. 1500 sq. ft.) No excess dust could be seen on any furniture or walls. All covers were re-installed correctly.
Sanitizing went well, left for one hour as prescribed by the provider. Came back to a cleaner/fresher home!
They also gave me some good tips regarding my carpeting and its relation to excessive dust.

Theo Gutierrez

Included mold remediation in my bathroom (i.e., removal of vanity, sheetrock, insulation), eradication of the mold (dehumidifying), and treating the areas to insure that the mold doesn’t come back. They also did air duct cleaning and unit treatment (pretty bad mold infiltration in the AC duct system)
Excellent. They came in on Wednesday and finished on Friday.

Jeffrey Randow

My elderly parent’s home had a positive test for a rare pneumonia, Legionella, that caused Legionaires Disease in one of the family member. The estimator very prompt to respond and come for an estimate, very detailed concerning what needed to be done to get rid of this. In fact the owner of the company came to do the estimate since I explained the urgency. It only lives in large commercial AC units and he had never seen it in a residence before. However, upon inspection 2 of the 5 commercial units were not draining properly , thus the bacteria had a place to grow, he promptly set his crew up for the remediation of the units and repairs to the plumbing in the 2 units that were not draining correctly. I was very satisfied to say the least, they were prompt, courteous and very complete in the service. I would not hesitate in recommending them for any AC services. EXCELLENT WORK !

I was very satisfied with their service.

-Lisa Beard


Entered residence easily assessed problem would be outside! Found cause of problem replaced item. Checked for efficiency returned the next day for follow up and during checkup of unit.

I was impressed they took my call at 9:30pm on a Friday night. Was prompt in arriving in repairing and was the exact amount of professionalism and friendly. Highly recommend.

-Mona Gasway


The cabinet under the sink had become moldy due to a leaking pipe

I called Fresh Air. Alex, the owner came out that same day to give me an estimate. Normally the company has a minimum charge of $600. But Alex waived that charge because the job was so small. He gave me an estimate of $350 which included two days rental of a dehumidifier. I got another estimate but the company didn’t waive their minimum. I called on Wednesday and Fresh Air came out immediately. Moses arrived to take care of the problem. He did a really thorough job and was polite and professional. Because a week had passed since the estimate much of the moisture had dried and I didn’t need the dehumidifier. The total charge was $270 with tax. I was very pleased with the whole experience.

-Claudia Rush


I had some kind of rodent (squirrel, bird, etc.) get into my chimney from the top. He couldn’t get out and died. They were prompt, efficient and helpful. Thanks.

-Dwayne Stevenson