3 Tips on How to Remedy Symptoms of Mold

3 Tips on How to Remedy Symptoms of Mold

Does your home or office have the symptoms of mold?

  • Have a musty odor during hot and humid weather?
  • Make breathing uncomfortable?
  • Watery eyes and scratchy throat?

On most days in Texas the weather here is hot, humid and hazy. So, what does this mean for you and your family’s health?

  • An increase of mold related allergies.
  • Asthma related symptoms become uncomfortable
  • Indoor pet and dust mites only ad on to summer health risks

With all the rain that we received was a good thing, but unfortunately there is a bad side to it as well. When the flooding rains hit Texas it did a lot of damage. Most homes and businesses are still recovering from the flood rains we received.

Weather related mold damage has caused many health related symptoms and making it unbearable to breathe in some cases. However, those homes who have not been completely destroyed, your home or business is still under a mold threat.

There are 3 C’s to remember when it comes to controlling mold in your home or office.

  • Cleanliness
    ( Try to keep your home in order. Especially the bathroom and any areas of your home or office that may be affected.)
  • Circulation
    ( Mold loves stagnant air flow! Try to keep a consistent air flow throughout your home or office for best results.)
  • Control
    ( Mold needs water to grow. Humidity in your home or office is also helps mold to grow.)

These are just some handy tips that may prevent you from attracting mold on your property.

If you are currently experiencing mold related issues in your home or office we are here to make your place a healthy environment.

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