Tips For Handling Water Damage In Your Home

What You Should Do After Water Damage Occurs In Your Home

A home that leaks or experiences water flooding is risky. Water damages cause many losses, including devaluing the property, structural damage, health risks, electrical damage. Water damage may even cause bugs in your house! Yes, water is the optimal breeding ground for fleas, mosquitoes, ticks and spiders,

If your house has experienced water damages, don't worry, I got you. Here, I will guide you on water damage repairs and restoration. Read on!

Do a Thorough Inspection

Before you do any water damage repair at your house, please ensure that all water and electricity sources are shut down. Wet materials always develop mold and sometimes mildew. Inspect your house for both mold and mildew. Remember to check under the floors and inside walls. When you find mold, be very careful because mold vapor can be detrimental to human health. For a water damage restoration, throw the mold away in a closed trash can, away from children.

Dry Out the Affected Areas

In case there are small leaks, dry out the affected area using a dry cloth. Do not attempt to use an electric vacuum cleaner. Using electricity while in water may cost your life. To keep the area dry, including furniture, carpets, and walls, use fans and dehumidifiers to control the moisture level and for proper air circulation in your house. By keeping the areas dry all the time, the water damage can be restored.

Replace The Damaged Parts

Remove all the affected ceiling boards and plates. Ceilings with water can easily sag and even collapse due to gravity causing more damage to the house or even household members, including deaths. While at it, please check if there’s any damage to the rafters and beams. After ensuring that all the leaks have been dealt with, replace all the affected parts to avoid a repeat of water damage and water damage repair costs.

Contact the Water Damage Professionals

Trying to repair and restore water damages can be cumbersome and too costly for you. The good news is, Fresh Air can help you save on cost and time while repairing and restoring your water-damaged home. Visit or call (210) 349-1500 to schedule service.